Why Should I Add a Listing to inSaddleworth?

OK so you’ve got some budget to advertise your business and you want to be found by some of the 27,000 people that live in Saddleworth.

Why should you spend it here?

This web site is the only one in the area to offer a single source for local news, notices & events that are constantly kept up-to-date, not only by our own team, but also by you and anyone else who wants to add them.

inSaddleworth is the first site of it’s kind to make it easy for anyone to add their own events, news and notices directly to the site. We’ve also partnered with some great, carefully chosen local organisations to ensure that the site is populated with interesting, high quality information by them.

Similarly our business directory is one of the most comprehensive ones in the area, making it easy for your potential clients to find and contact you.

Isn’t that the kind of place you’d want your business to be seen alongside?!

If that’s not enough, we have over 2,000 local people following us on social media where all your events, news and notices are also shared.

Our ethos is that inSaddleworth is built for the community, and by the community. With all that in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that we even give some of our proceeds back to aid chosen local charities

OK I’m convinced, what’s next?

You choose!…

If your business is based in Saddleworth, you can have a FREE listing.
Free listings include an address and phone number, but are limited to 20 words and have no links

Featured Listing Rich Text Editor

Featured Listing Rich Text Editor

If you’d like your business to stand out a little more you probably want a FEATURED Listing
With a featured listing you can add a logo as well as links to your Website & Social Media

Featured listings can be edited as often as you want (so you can always shout about your latest news) and you can add rich text to your images to really make your listing stand out.

Featured listings now also include extra things like a PDF, such as a menu or special offer which is embedded directly into your listing, as well as other things like image galleries, and videos.

We also have banner ads featuring throughout the site – another great way to ensure your listing is seen
Find out more about options to advertise with us here


Got no advertising budget?

You should!! 🙂
But not to worry!…
As long as your business is based in Saddleworth, you can still add a Free listing to our directory
And if you’re a non-profit organisation, then you can still add your events for free (subject to editorial approval)

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